Our story

Kakuni Travels was founded by maldivian travel enthusiast Hoola along with Spanish adventurer Ivan, in desire to show authentic Maldives and create unforgettable experiences that could connect one back to nature to find balance and contentment.

As we take care of all the details to ensure your experience is effortless, our main purpose is for you to escape from daily stress, city hustle bustle and connect your body, mind & soul with nature to live in the moment.

For both of us, this isn't just a travel agency, it's our emotions and an enormous part of life in Maldives. Therefore Kakuni Travels provides unparalleled service like no other keeping in mind the essence of emotions, quality, ethics and human values.

The simplicity of tropical calmness, fresh air from wild palm tree fields, mesmerizing sunsets and limitless ocean amusement is what we fell in love with.

Shahoola (Hoola)

Shahoola (Hoola)


Being a Maldivian and having a decade of experience in the hospitality industry in Maldives, I always dreamed of doing something related with travel & tourism in my beautiful country.

I was lucky enough to work with some of the world's well-known hospitality brands as a personal Butler/Concierge in the Maldives, such as Hiltons, Minor International, One & Only, Six Senses and Jumeirah. I was able to achieve high recognition from clients. Since then my aim is to provide an unparalleled experience people can only feel and is hard to describe.

As a child I spent the whole day on the beach like a kakuni(crab) with my brothers and those times are the most beautiful memories of my life. Right after the yummiest Mashuni & Roshi (Maldivian breakfast) made by mom, me and my brothers ran to explore white sandy beach under the sun, climbing palm trees, jumping from Bohkuraas(traditional wooden boats), surfing on wood pieces and watching my brothers freedive till losing sight of them in the salty ocean.

Getting inspired by my unique country and amazing childhood experience, I opened a travel agency where people can experience a glimpse of that pure nostalgia.




I'm an adrenaline seeker from Spain who has been traveling around the world for Surfing, Scuba diving, Free Diving, Skiing, Biking and Exploring to find his place on earth. I always understood that the eternal youth and contentment in life was to connect deeply with nature.

Even though I graduated as an Industrial Engineer, I quit my job and left big city life in search of myself and people alike. I always dreamed big, loved taking risks and exploring things on my own terms.

My love for the ocean took me to amazing Asia, while living in the Philippines I realized there is nothing better in life than simplicity and being surrounded by wild nature. “ How locals could live so content with so little, yet such gratitude towards life and almost nothing to possess! “ something I always try to remind myself and people around me.

In one of my surfing trips to Indonesia, I met Hoola. Knowing we both have similar interests and goals, we joked about never leaving Asia and settling there. That road took me to Maldives, Sri Lanka and I absolutely fell in love with marine life. I even became a dive instructor for a while.

Paradise for me is an early morning freedive in the tropical ocean, surfing with magical sunsets and stargazing on a rooftop of a boat. My endless passion for traveling and love for the ocean made me commit to be a part of the Kakuni Travels. Also to fulfil my vision to give back to Mother Nature and community through my journey.

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