Maldives Deep South Atolls

Premium Shark dive experience in Maldives (10 types of sharks)

Dive Safari in the Deep South Atolls
All inclusive package

(7 nights 8 days)

This trip is for divers who are used to and love drift dives and channel dives, it is a mix of channel and reef diving. We can see a WWII shipwreck called British Loyalty, mantas, TIGER SHARKS, HAMMERHEAD SHARKS, THRESHER SHARKS, WHALE SHARKS, GRAY REEF SHARKS, WHITE TIP SHARKS, NURSE SHARKS, ZEBRA SHARKS, OCEANIC BLACKTIP SHARKS, GUITAR SHARKS, turtles, eagle rays and extensive marine life.


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Addhu Atoll:
The southernmost atoll in the Maldives is Addu (also known as Seenu). Around the atoll, on the outer walls, in vast channels, and within the lagoon's flourishing reefs and thilas, there are more than 30 dive sites of international acclaim. These sites are well known for having good visibility. Manta rays, turtles, sharks, big fish, and the Maldives' biggest wreck are some of the diving in Addu's highlights throughout the year. Because of its isolation, the reefs there are among of the best in the nation and have notably so far escaped the ravages of coral bleaching. Because the majority of the locations are deep, this area of the Maldives' Deep South is perfect for experienced divers.
The turquoise waters of the inner lagoon are connected to the open ocean by four naturally occurring canals, or "kandus," that run through the outer atoll walls. These are among the top places to go scuba diving in Addu Atoll. Because the channels are broader here than they are elsewhere in the Maldives, there are fewer strong currents, which allows hard coral life to flourish and develop into amazing coral formations with enormous table, brain, elkhorn, cone, and mushroom corals. The canals are well-known places to observe turtles, Napoleon wrasse, schooling fish, and grey reef sharks on the prowl.
Maa Kandu Channel is among the top channel dives. One of the best dive locations in Addu is Mudakan Manta Point.

Huvadhoo Atoll:
The second biggest atoll in the Maldives is Huvadhoo (known as Gaafu Alifu in the north and Gaafu Dhaalu in the south, separated by the Huvadhu Channel).
It is made up of a ring of reefs that circles the atoll's perimeter and encloses a central lagoon that is 85 meters deep and home to thilas and shallow reefs that encircle more than 200 islets. Forty deep waterways that connect the lagoon to the open ocean pierce the ring of reefs. These waterways offer a ton of thrilling diving opportunities where dolphins, reef sharks, and bigger fish can be found. Around the islets in the central lagoon, there are numerous caverns and tunnels to explore where you can see cowtail and whiptail rays, a lot of turtles, garden eels, guitar sharks, leopard sharks, and nurse sharks.

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